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Q. Is it really free to join?
A. Yes, there is no fee to pay of any kind at anytime.

Q. What are my Obligations?
A. There is no obligation on you to accept any of the offers sent via SMS or through our site total160; but you need to keep your account active after subscription. To do that, we just need you to notify us with your current and accurate information which includes your mobile phone number and personal information. If we have any reasonable grounds to suspect any of the information provided is inaccurate or not current, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account.

total160 finds no activity in your account for more than 30 days, total160, in its sole discretion, might terminate/suspend such your account, without any prior notification.

Q. How to join total160?
A. You need a personal mobile (for account verification) to join. Fill up the "Registration" form with your personnel details and then follow instructions.

Q. How many messages will I send per day?
A. You can send 100 messages a day.

Q. How do I find out how much referrers I’ve made?
A. On the My Stats, after logging in with your mobile number and password, you will find a mini statement giving your referrers details.

Q. What happened if my phone is lost or stolen?
A. Let us know straight away by mailing us at support @ total160.com and we will temporarily deactivate your account. You can again activate your services once you either get a new number or you have found your phone.

Q. Can I temporally deactivate my account and how do I re-activate my account?
A. If for any reason you want to deactivate your account, simply click on the deactivate account option in your profile after logging in and follow the steps. Or contact us (at support @ total160.com) and we will put a temporary deactivate number. Remember, you can reactivate at any time by logging in with your mobile number and password, although you must have active mobile number to login.

Q. What happens if I change my mobile number?
A. You can change your mobile number by your own from your profile option.

Q. Forgot your username/password or both?
A. That happens sometimes! Go to our "Forgot Password" page and follow the instructions there. Your information can then be sent to you via SMS message.

Q. How can I change my personal details?
A. It's Easy. Log into your account using your mobile number and password and click on "View/Edit Profile" link on the left side Menu.

Q. What all can I do here at total160?
A. You can send Free SMS, Schedule your SMS, and win exciting prices for growing your referrers.

Q. How can I increase my referrers?
A. You can use our “Invite” feature to send invites.
You can include total160.com link in Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo IMs in your status field! and tell your friends to put your mobile number in the "Referrer" column in the registration form.
(Just make sure you don’t spam unknown people!)

Q. Can I register without any referrer?
A. Yes, You can register without any referrer. After registration you can grow your network by inviting more friends/family members and make your chance to win exciting prices from total160.

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